Summary: The Chicxulub Crater Theory

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The Chicxulub Crater Theory Do you ever wonder why exactly what happened to the dinosaurs? What are the different theories to answer this question? Did space play a role in the extinction of the creatures that roamed the Earth for 66 million years? Although scientists cannot be for certain, there is a convincing hypothesis that a meteorite pummeled the earth and left a crater answering all these questions, while destroying the dinosaurs. Some modern scientists hypothesize that the dinosaurs were wiped out by a rather large asteroid that hit Earth millions of years ago. They claim that the destruction of the dinosaurs was largely caused by a meteorite that smashed into Earth on the Yucatan Peninsula. Today it is located in a small town in Chicxulub, Mexico, where the crater’s name was founded. In 1980 scientists discovered a 110 mile long crater near the Yucatan Coast off of present day Mexico. The predicted that this had a connection to the ongoing hypotheses about just exactly what happened to the dinosaurs. This 65 million year old crater provided persuasive evidence to the claim that a comet or meteor struck the earth and lead to the extinction of dinosaurs. …show more content…
It wasn’t until a Mexican company in search for oil region in the area came across the structure of the crater. Later, further collected data proved that the same crater could have been what caused the mass extinction of the dinosaurs that used to roam the planet we walk on today. Magnetic energy, gravity data, space observations, and at least one shuttle mission, NASA said had to have taken place in order to conduct further research on the