Summary: The European Red Fox

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The European Red Fox is a predator that was introduced to Australia in 1885. Foxes didn't exist in Australia prior to 1885. Foxes have become a problem since then. They kill farm animals like chickens, geese and lambs. Making them a target for shooters. The European Red Fox is an omnivorous placental mammal of the canidae family. Canidae members are normally types of wild dogs.

The European Red Fox is as the name suggests Red. Their fur colour ranges from a pale red to a reddish brown colour. Their underbelly is white which contrasts with the red. The European Red Fox has long limbs meaning they can run up to the top speed of 48km per hour, their lower legs are black. Their tail is reddish brown and normally tipped with white. They have long black whiskers surrounding their pointed muzzle.
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During the day they stay hidden in abandoned burrows or hollow logs, when it becomes night they can travel up to 15km away from where their home is in a single night.

Why was it Brought to Australia
The European Red Fox was brought to Australia by European settlers.
A small number of them were shipped from England but since then their numbers have increased dramatically.Back then fox hunting was a popular sport so they brought European Red Foxes to Australia for that reason. Fox hunting was made up of trained hounds chasing and killing foxes. It served as entertainment for the upper middle class European settlers.
How did it get to Australia
The European Red Fox was transported to Australia by boat.
Is it Suited to Australia's Environment
The European Red Fox is suited to most of Australia’s environment but is some areas it can not survive in, like the wet rainforests proving too wet for the fox. The rest of Australia is mostly bush and forests which is perfect for the European Red Fox to live in.