Summary: The Making Of Selena

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Before she was famous, Jennifer Lopez was looking for her big break.Jennifer was an upcoming actress form a Puerto Rican family. Her big break came from playing the famous Tejano singer, Selena. While critics disagreed with Jennifer playing Selena at the time, she worked hard to prove them wrong. Jennifer portrayed Selena perfectly and showed the world that she was born for stardom.
Jennifer did not have a lavish life. Instead, she born to Puerto Rican immigrant parents. She was ambitious and used that ambition to write history. It states in; “She became the first actress to have a movie (The Wedding Planner) and an album (J. Lo) top the charts in the same week.” Her start, according to, was on In Living Color, as a background dancer. However, that did not ensure her a hit role. It was not until 1997 that her significant role came in the iconic movie, Selena, which showed the short tragic life of a famous Tejano singer. Picking Jennifer to be the lead actress did come with controversy because she was not Mexican. In the documentary The Making of Selena: 10 Years Later, Selena’s father, Abraham Quintanilla, says, “ Boy, I started to get calls.” Critics talked regarding their disappointment and said, “ How dare you pick a Puerto Rican to play Selena?” In the documentary, Jennifer follows and
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Not only was her character captured, but so was her style. Selena had fun, flamboyant, and sparkle style that was shown throughout the film, especially in her performing outfits. In “Selena,” Behind The Scene, Jennifer says with a squeaky laugh, “ It was her own, specific style, showed what she had, you know she was sexy but never vulgar.” Selena is one the best biopic movie that I have viewed; I honestly believed Jennifer was Selena because they looked identical. They were most comparable when they had jet-black hair, crimson lips, white blouse and charcoal