Summary: The Second Great Migration

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The Second Great Migration in the United States was a result of World War Two. Since there was an abundant need for cheap labor in factories to keep sending supplies to the U.S. Army, millions of blacks from the South migrated to the North and moved into neighborhoods where historically only whites lived. This caused anger from the white community. After seeing that their communities were increasingly becoming more and more black, they decide to move out of the cities and into the suburbs. The White Flight, as this is commonly referred to, also led to a decrease in funds available to continue providing for the neighborhoods. The white folks that left represented a majority of the tax base, so them leaving also meant that money was leaving the neighborhoods. All these factors have had a direct impact on the …show more content…
Poverty and the need for government assistance in these sectors continued to be a problem, which most of the time results to an increase in violence within the communities. This directly leads to the increase in police brutality. Though this has always been a problem, the power of social media has shed a light on how frequent and inhumane these acts of violence against the black community from police actually are in today’s society. Since the second great migration, law enforcement officers have acted under dual standards. Most of us have witnessed how in routine traffic stops, many blacks have seen their lives cut short for “resisting arrest”. This past summer we saw how Dallas police took down the gunman who killed multiple officers by sending in a robot to shoot him. However, in the past years, many of the mass shootings that have taken place around the country have been done by white individuals, who were not shot when apprehended, but actually taken into custody and given a fair