Summary and Critique of "The Gift of Sex" Essay

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A Book Review of The Gift of Sex



This paper is a summary of the book "The Gift of Sex" along with my responses for each section in the book. Along with the physical aspect of sex, there is a spiritual aspect of sex, which is mostly neglected by today's culture and even by Christians. The authors believe that sex is also a spiritual and emotional act, involving the total person, the body, soul and spirit. There is a connection with the sexual relationship of a husband and his wife, and the intimate relationship of God and man. Revelation of this reality would bring freedom and fulfillment in God and in marriage. There are many aspects to a sexual relationship between a husband and wife,
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Grudem (2002) noted that, "the Bible supports an essentialist view of human sexuality because when God created Adam and Eve, He demonstrated the fact that human sexual identity has absolutely nothing to do with sin."
The Physical Dimension One's body image or self-image is formed from three factors which are childhood sensory experiences, feedback received by others growing up, and the models with which one compares self. Unfortunately, people have unrealistic expectations of what the ideal body image should be. Penner and Penner (2003) believe that this affects both men and women in many ways that are unbeneficial to the sexual relationship. One's poor body image and low self-worth negatively affect relationships, especially sexual relationship. Physical factors such as the ideal breast size, penis size, and weight cause men and women to either devalue themselves or feel worthwhile. According to the authors, "this kind of preoccupation with our bodies distorts our position as God's creation" (Kindle Location 473). Everyone needs to take necessary steps towards enhancing his or her body image in order to accept themselves and become free with his or her body, sexually. The steps that Penner and Penner (2003) suggested are to examine view of oneself, determine possible ways to change body image, and reevaluate the