Summary of Chapter 15: Personality and Social Interaction, from Personality Psychology: Domains of Knowledge About Human Nature Essay examples

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Part 5: The Social & Cultural Domain Chapter 15: Personality & Social Interaction
-Emphasis on personality as it is affected by and expressed through social institutions, social roles and expectations, and through relationships with other people in our lives.
-Interpersonal traits have long-term outcomes in our lives. For ex. Whether a person is controlling or easy going can affect aspects from: the conflicts he gets into with his spouse and work partners to the strategies he uses to achieve his goals. Whether a person tends to be nervous or optimistic affects the likelihood of diverse social outcomes, such as divorce or success in a sales career.
-Many of the most important individual (ind) differences and
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By selecting a mate you are also selecting the social acts you will experience and the network of family and friends in which those acts will be carried out.
-Who do we seek as potential mates? Are there common personality characteristics that are highly desired by everyone?
Personality Characteristics Desired in a Marriage Partner: International Investigation
-The focus of this study was “What do people want in a long-term partner?”
-10, 047 individuals from 6 continents and 5 islands from around the world. Largest study of its kind.
-Total of 37 samples from 33 countries: every major racial group, religious group, & political system.
-Economic status varied from middle and upper middle class college students to lower socioeconomic groups, such as Gujarati Indians and Soviet Estonians.
-50 researchers collected data. Standard questionnaires were translated into the native lang. of each culture and then were administered by locals in each culture.
-Revealed that personality characteristics play a central role in the selection of a mate.
-Table 15.1 shows mutual attraction or love was the most favoured characteristic by almost everyone in the world. After mutual attraction or love, personality characteristics proved highly important-dependable character, emotional stability, and pleasing disposition. All 3 of