Essay on Summary of "The Crime of Poverty" by Henry George

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Summery of “The Crime of Poverty” by Henry George. The essay begins with Henry George referring to his audience as ladies and gentlemen. He then goes on to state that poverty is a crime. A crime not committed by the poor, but rather the poor as victims of the crime. He also does not wholly blame those perpetrating the crime, he also gives a kind of notion that the victim has a hand the situation he or she finds themselves in. He says the poverty is a curse that not only the poor have but is on every level of society even the rich. He says the rich also suffer because it is like the air all the community breathes. They too must breathe it. Henry George says poverty is the harbinger of crime and ignorance. After seeing men in …show more content…
This was his reason give that if he children are working they are certainly not playing or going to school. This he warned if the status quo continued would have dire consequences for the future. Henry George lays the cause of poverty primarily on injustice. This injustice is from the monopolization of natural resources by an elitist oligarchy, land in particular. He also points out that one form of slavery gave way to another. This form more clandestine due to it’s wrappings and proclamations of freedom. He also points out how the fact that the working class are the poor. This he said any rational being would find absurd that the working class produce that which makes life more convenient yet they get little to nothing of their products. He also condemns the claim that the poor are that way by their own doing. He also proposes the idea of no taxation which would improve people’s wages and increase production. But most importantly that people think about the nature of poverty as a crime; a harm done to