Essay on Summer Olympic Games and Poster

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Art Digital Project
Zack Jackson

Layout- the lines shown in this poster are horizontal. The movement of the poster is from the centre with the Olympic rings, then either up or down, but when looking at the skyline of London your eyes move laterally. Relatively balanced throughout the poster.

Logo- the logo of this poster is the Olympic rings, which are front, and centre, grabbing your attention with size and colour.

Text/Font- the style that is used in the poster is an old fashioned text symbolizing the history and age in London. The size of “Olympics Games” and “London” are larger than the rest of the font to stand out. The colours in this poster are old fashioned with faded out colours, darker. The placement of each symbol or lettering is placed evenly throughout the poster.

Colour Schemes- the season that is conveyed in the poster is summer because they use a yellow, meaning the warm yellow sun, in summer. The meaning that they are trying to give off is that with all the warm, bright colours, it will be that way for the Olympics, bright and exciting.

Space- this poster and its objects/lettering are very comfortably spaced out from each other. Each object, or sequence of lettering are all different sizes based on their meaning towards supporting the poster.

Lines- the letters and symbols are very organic in this poster because of the natural flow to how they are shown. Because they are organic, they move our eyes across the page very smoothly because they are all interconnected.

Shapes- the shapes are very organic as well, with the Olympic rings and “the Eye”. The only repetition shown would be the circles of the Olympic rings, the eye and the O’s of the lettering.

Symbols/Imagery- the main symbols of the poster is the Olympic rings and the downtown London skyline. The placement of the Olympic ring is in the middle because it s the most significant symbol, the whole reason for the poster. The skyline of London is placed where it is because it is almost like looking into the horizon and it is at the height at where it would be if you were to look into the distance. The twqo second largest symbols/text would be the “Olympics Games” and “London” because the “Olympics Games” is representing the event that is going on, and the other “London” is stating where it is being held.

1 Page Paragraph Analysis

In this poster of the 2012 summer Olympics Games in London, England. We see that the main, most important image or symbol in the poster is the Olympic rings, which is located in the centre of the poster. Other key symbols that are shown on the poster is the London skyline, located just below the Olympic rings, showing the scene at which the event is being held, this all being placed on a red strip, symbolizing the finish or staring line for the Olympics.

Some of the more important visual features shown in the poster by the designer would be the saturated colours, fore…