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Three Weeks with my Brother- Nicholas Sparks

I believe that Three Weeks with My Brother is a work of literary non-fiction because of the use of figurative language such as: sensory details, imagery, flashbacks, and symbolism. In this book, Nicholas Sparks uses sensory detail to describe everything in his life and everywhere that he is going with his brother on vacation away from their families. Three Weeks with My brother alternates between modern day and the flashbacks of Nicholas Sparks’ childhood and elaborate on the hardships he faced in his early years.
He uses symbolism to add depth and emotion some of the more important tragedies such as his mom dying. Some examples of symbolism throughout the aftermath of his mom dying are her purse by the doorway just “waiting for her return” and that the house didn’t feel as warm and loving. His mom, in her own entirety, was a symbol for the love and strong emotional grip that held their family together. After she died, the whole family seems to fall apart without her to hold them together.
There are also many examples of allusion in this literary non-fiction work. With everyplace Nicholas and Micah go, they describe where they are with references to the major tourist attractions. When they go to some of the lesser-known countries, they reference to the land monuments, hotels, oceans, and countries.
In between the brother’s destinations, Nicholas Sparks describes his childhood through flashbacks. He shows that his childhood was not the most ideal childhood. He shares all of his experiences and thoughts throughout his experiences during these flashbacks and they help you develop a more in-depth knowledge of Nicholas Sparks. As you read, the flashbacks progress on with his life while in modern time the two brothers are traveling around the world. The two different plots merge together at the end of the book where the brothers are on the plane home reflecting on why they decided to go on the trip in the first place.
The imagery in the books is almost always apparent. As Nicholas Sparks goes around the world with his