Summertime Escape to Paradise Essay

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When National Geographic tells you that a certain beach is among one of the most beautiful in the world, it is a complete understatement. That description does not compare to a real life experience. I proved that for myself this summer when I was invited by my older sister and her family to join them on a week vacation to Cancun, Mexico. We were to stay at the Hard Rock Hotel, one of the most elaborately decorated hotels i’ve seen. It was an adventure of a lifetime for me and an escape from reality, not to mention my first time back on a plane after fifthteen years. If I could I would relive the rest of that week over and over. Upon stepping out of my hotel into the outdoors, it was a whole different world than I was used to. There was a sudden gust of wind that blew the warm, humid air into my face. As I removed strands of hair out of my view, my eyes adjusted to the brightness and exposure of the sun reflecting off of the fine grained, almost white sand. Bits of seashells poked out in pastel pinks and blues in that outstretch of summertime snow. As I stepped forward, the hot softness of the sand squished out the spaces between my toes, and sunk my feet into the sudden coolness just beneath the earths surface. The blue color of the sky and water almost blended together as a whole where you couldn’t distinguish between them both. The only difference was the constant sparks of rays being reflected off the water that never stood still. It was as if I was being welcomed, and my surroundings had been expecting me. As I was slowly being swallowed into an almost unrealistic setting, the kind that you fall in love with so deeply that you can’t seem to look away. My excitement started to fade at the thought that this might all just be a dream. Just then the glowing rays of the sun kissed my skin, dressing it with a golden tan, and I realized it was not a dream at all. The smell of sweet sunscreen that was carried in a mixture of crisp ocean breeze confirmed it all. The excitement that was fading, started to build back and the need to rush into the sea overcame me. So I followed where my feet moved me. Approaching the water, the sound of the salty waves breaking on the shore retrieving with bubbling foam was sweet and relaxing with rhythmic harmony. It was a hypnotizing lullaby inviting me inside. I took a seat on the cold wet sand and felt the warm waters embrace me just to let go and come back right when I started to miss them. Out in the distance there were children running and playing with the powdery sand, molding and shaping it with their creative imagination, they were like newly freed birds. It was impossible for someone not to feel that; this was an escape from the pressures and stress from everyday routines. People were free to be who they are here, from dressing in their favorite beach attire to playing the sports and games they loved. They enjoyed themselves and had fun whether