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Vao Se Foderem
Instructor Mr Bolado
Enc 1304
11 February 2015
The Grand Opening
October 27th of 2014, the date of the Grand Opening of our newest soccer stadium – The Amazon Arena. Built in the city center of Manaus, Brazil. The arena has not been nor had there been photographs taken to know what to expect since it was fully constructed. All the tickets were sold out within 1 month before the event date. People from all around the world would be going to join the festivities. I could see around tons of people around strolling excited holding their sweat-soaked tickets in one hand with a smile from ear to ear, that feeling was so intense for me, I was feeling my heart beating like a machine at full power and hear the excitement in the peoples loud and worn voices, everyone knew that it would be a great event. Arriving there, I was seeing how enormous is the parking lot, roof and the floor– new and clean like a baby face, the paints on the floor smells strong and fresh, a line of people were walking like an army of ants, and I could feel the smell of the food from a long distance. I ran to enter in the monstrous line at the entrance gate. After moving along shoulder to shoulder, pushing and being pushed, I saw an interesting and bold metallic exterior structure that looks as if it could hold all the bounty of the crops – it is meant to evoke the straw baskets that are made in the region. The steel and aluminum parts were reflecting the bright lights of many vivid colors in a storm, the white and elegant roof with a glance look similar to a huge basket were standing confident and overwhelming for those who were watching at the moment, I started to think that this day will be unforgettable, and it will.
Not only the spectators were excited about the event, but also the sun working at its strongest power, shooting rays of hope and boldness as it was the only thing in the sky. Under the heat, all the people tried to stay under a thin and shy shadow of a metallic pole that became more elusive as time progressed. There was no wind at the moment, I could only feel the heat rise as bullets of sweat puddled on my forehead under that huge, yellow-orange sun seeming enraged and looking like an egg yolk. My red polo t-shirt became wet like if he had taken a shower by enormous bucket full of hot water, dumped down over me all at once. Four guys in front of me started fighting and yelling at each other like lions defending their territories from enemies, two of them tried to enter in front of the line without waiting like everyone was suppose to do. I was lucky to be able to call the guards around, they were just a feel meters away from us.When the guards came, I could finally relax and wait after situation had stopped. Some minutes later, it is time to enter and discover what is inside waiting for me. Once inside, I could feel the adrenalin running in my veins, all that pillars and all that walls perfectly painted – wonderful and gleaming pictures relating to the culture of older amazon tribes, all the…