Sun and Night Vision Glasses Essays

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Vayne was the daughter of Apollo and a water nymph. When she was born, she had an oddly shaped head and a very dark body. Throughout her early life, she always preferred to be up at night and she did what she had to do at night. When Vayne turned 16, Apollo brought her to Mount Olympus so the other major gods can judge her. When the Gods saw her looks, very dark and looking somewhat evil, they all knew the domain she ruled over, the night. So Vayne’s job was, every night she was to go pull down the sun from the sky and drag it into the ocean, then bring the moon out from the depths and hang it up, causing night time. Vayne was also a very creative person, so she found only the moon being up there very dull and boring. So one night, she decided when she was to pull down the sun and hang up the moon, she would bring little stars to brighten up the light sky and make it more pretty. Eventually, after the years past, Vayne fell in love with a mortal man and they had children together. Vayne gave birth to a little boy during the night and named him Dusk. Eventually, this boy grew to become a strong young man, but one night while he was playing in the alleyways during night time, an old witch kidnapped him and brought him back to her cottage. The reason the witch kidnapped the boy was because she thought she was destined to be the night goddess, and she was destined to get her revenge on Vayne when she found out she wasn’t chosen. So she decided she was going to keep the little boy there and tell him lies about the bad things Vayne has done during her life, such as making people lost in the night and causing theft and forgetting to pull down the sun due to laziness. Of course, this all wasn’t true, but she was trying to sabotage the young boy. When Vayne found out her son was missing, she immediately sprang into action, claiming to search every corner of the earth until she found her son. The search went on for 17 days, until she heard her boy talking and made a plan to invade the witch’s house. During the 17 days, the sunlight shined bright, and night time never came. The moon never came out and the stars never glistened in the dark. When Vayne thought of a plan to invade the witch’s house and take back her son and kill the witch, she immediately went to Hephaestus to build her a custom made cross bow that only worked at night and killed evil. He made her special armor and boots that fit perfectly to her feet. The arrows she shot were silver and killed evil, but they only worked at night time. She had long braided hair and a red cape, dressed for combat. Hephaestus also equipped her with night vision