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1. Insights into the case
2. Application of course material – both text, reading, on online lecture notes
3. Degree to which your comments add value to and advance the discussion of your section mates
Case Discussion Questions
There are 3 questions you will be asked to post responses to. Each question is intended to build on the responses to the previous one.
Question #1 - No later than Day 3, post your response to:
This can’t work, can it?
Many of the assumptions on which Sun Hydraulics is built seem at best unusual and at worst a bit nutty. So what is your reaction to the overall design and structure at Sun?
My initial reaction to the overall design and structure was one of disbelief and 'that's crazy' type of mentality. I have never heard of this type of structure since I have always worked in hierarchical organizational structures. As I read on, Koski's horizontal management style definitely was very forward thinking especially during this time in the 1970s. Some of the ideas presented eg. shared information on operations, shared responsibility in 'thinking' and 'decision making' seemed like a fantastic idea. I think that today if managers and employees alike have the same values in performance, quality, outcomes and doing their best to help the company grow while taking into consideration of all parties involved ( workers, clients, suppliers), this will seem like a very ideal working environment. However having said that I cannot help myself by still using the terms 'manager' and 'employee'.
In this environment (more specifically Sarasota, Florida) and during this time, Koski is assuming that he is able to find talented engineers who all have the 'ability to be an accurate judge of his or her own competencies.' He believes that these hires are able to accurately self assess and have the ability to correct themselves if needed. From 1970-1985, it has proven that this indeed did work. "The company had not lost a single key individual in 15 years of operation other than one senior designer due to health reasons." The major premise is that as long as each individual understands this value and the organization instills this philosophy in its workers that they can indeed work together harmoniously.
However, I am not so sure this can be sustained if we fast forward 28 years. It is now 2013. We have immense globalization, immigration and assimilation of cultures. People grow up in different cultures, different backgrounds, education and different life situations. I have come across many individuals who feel that based on their education, knowledge and work experience they are superior in their own right. Some take for granted what is given. Some may abuse the system. Some just work smarter, not harder. Some cut corners. Some are only looking out for themselves.
In week 1 lectures, we understand perception to be the "process by which individuals organize and interpret their impressions in order to give meaning…