What Are The Three Types Of Tourism

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Travel and tourism
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What are the three types of TOURISM???

Domestic tourism – taking holidays and trips in your own country
Outbound tourism – travelling to a different country for a visit or a holiday
Inbound – visitors from overseas coming into the country

Here are some examples of tourism: if a family from Australia want to
Take a short break to the seaside resort of Sidney; they would be classed as domestic tourists.
A group American travellers visiting Romania would be classed as inbound tourists, and a couple from Germany who take a one week package holiday to Greece would be classed as outbound tourists.


Leisure travellers may be people going in holiday in their own time to take e brake for work in another place to have fun. Example some were in a sea side, this can be also domestic or outbound. Or for visiting cultural and historical places. Example: go visiting Rome or London.

Business travel
Traveling in business reasons to attend at locations in company interest in UK or in other countries to courses or meetings. Usually the company that sends people in Business Travel pay for the accommodation and transport
Visiting friends and relatives

Visiting friends or relatives that had moved in another country to work or study.

In 2009 , 49000 students came to study in Uk . Having the largest student population in europe at the time.

Some people had paid a lot of money to travel into space .
Space tourism may becaome possible soon.
The word MICE is used for business travel
Incentive travel is used for a prize for good perfornmance.

Purpose of trip UK Tourism 2006 ( domectic indound)

Purple leisure
Blue other red VFR green business

trip uk outbound 2oo6

Other reasons why people travel:

Type of tourism
Reasons of travel
Argo Tourism
Short for agriculture where visitors are interested in farms and countryside
Children from school go to visit a farm – domestic turism
Dark Tourism
Visiting sites associated with war ,deaths and tragic events
People visiting an army grave yard.
Faith Tourism
Religious travel for pilgrimage and travel to sacred of religious importance such as Jerusalem and Mecca
A group of batist that visit Jerusalem
Health Tourism
Traveling to have operations or receive dental treatment, which may be cheaper and faster than in the UK
A person that travels to Romainia to have a better treatment .
Sports Tourism
Traveling to watch or play sports.
A gymnastics champion traveling from Paris to London.
Education Tourism
Visiting a place educational interest or studying a particular educational subject .
Students from Cardiff go to visit Oxford.

the economic contribution of tourism

DOMESTIC TRAVELS will spend money in accommodation, taxies buses, and entertainment tickets, restaurants, car park (if they are using their own car), bars, pubs, night clubs, and souvenirs . This is going to make jobs in souvenirs shops keepers, cars parks, in cuisine, receptionist in hotels, tourist assistance, cleaners, and historians.

Business travel will spend money in accommodation, airplanes, car renting or taxies, buses British food and drinks, leisure in the weekend, souvenirs, and clothes if they are going to stay for a longer time. This is going to make jobs in souvenirs shops keepers, cars parks, in cuisine, receptionist in hotels, tourist assistance, cleaners, flaying assistant, and airport

Outbound tourism : accommodation, airplanes, car renting or taxies, buses,