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Aalilyana Aviles

Early Life
Sun Yixian was born on November 12,1866
His birthplace was in the village of
He was born into a family of poor farmers Early Life
His brother had took him to
Honolulu where he was first introduced to western civilization. Then moved back home because his brother objected to Christianity

Early Life
He transferred to a government school
He then married a women who was choose by his parents. They had 2 daughters and a son


In 1894 Sun began to call for the abolition of the monarchy and the establishment of a republic.

Sun praised the boxers in the boxing reblion for fighting against western imperialism. He said the boxers were courageous and fearless, fighting to the death of western armies.


In 1895 a coup he plotted failed, and some of his supporters were executed. For the next sixteen years Sun was an exile in
Europe, the United States, Canada, and
Japan, raising money for his revolutionary party and bankrolling uprisings in China.

After taking the oath of office, Sun sent telegrams to the leaders of all provinces, requesting them to elect and send new senators to establish the National
Assembly of the Republic of China. The
Assembly then declared the provisional government organizational guidelines and the provisional law of the Republic as the basic law of the nation


In the late 1910s, China was greatly divided by different military leaders without a proper central government. Sun saw the danger of this and returned to China in 1917 to advocate unification. He started a selfproclaimed military government in Guangzhou
(Canton), Guangdong Province, southern China, in 1921, and was elected as president and
Grand Marshal

In the early 1920s Sun received help from the Comintern for his acceptance of Chinese
Communist Party members into his