Essay on Sunbeam Case Analysis

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Situation Analysis

Company Sunbeam has offered innovative products to household families for over 100 years and is a publicly traded company. In 1910 Sunbeam introduced their first iron. In 1930 Sunbeam introduced the Mixmaster stand mixer. The mix master stand mixer became the single most popular small kitchen appliance in the country. In 1998, the US Postal Service dedicated a stamp in honor of the famous Mixmaster as one of the country’s greatest innovations. Sunbeam has been known for these and other durable and affordable products. Household appliance sales and service co. started in 1972 as SASCO branch 80. Sunbeam Appliance Service Co. is a division of Sunbeam Corp in Niles Illinois. Sunbeam’s home office and
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|Improve Iron |Improve Customer Satisfaction |Convince |
| | | |Customers to |
| | | |Switch |
|Promote as more convenient/cheaper |No |No |Yes |
|Exit the iron/steamer market |No |No |No |
|Regulate Pricing |No |Maybe |Maybe |
|Reduce Pricing |No |Maybe |Maybe |
|Make Iron and Steamer two separate products |Yes |Yes |Yes |
|Keep product as is and reposition it |No |No |Maybe |
|Sell iron internationally |No |No |No |