Essay on Sunday: Sydney Opera House and New Zealand

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The basis for my application for the scholarship program is due to the fact that I have a very limited amount of money at the moment, I have studied and lived over in Australia for most of my life. I decided that it was time to return back home to New Zealand, as my close relatives are getting older, and constantly asking, now that I have finished school here in Australia if I will be coming back home. As I am moving overseas to a different country, I need a form of monetary support upon entering University. Family and the monetary support provided from the Scholarship are my main reasons behind my application for the Scholarship.
In terms of achievement, in Australia I attended the Conservatorium High School which is the best Music focused High School in the state, where I was in the leadership position of House
Captain and part of the student representative council, which the main roles were, being in charge of putting on a concert run entirely by the students, providing support, being a good role model for the younger students, and in charge of running house sporting events. I was offered many opportunities being at the school such as, the honour to join the VOX choir (which was partnered with the Sydney
Philharmonia choirs), in which I performed Sibelius' Kullervo led by the world renowned conductor
Vladimir Ashkenazy, in the Sydney Opera House. Outside of the School I took part in various musical activities which can be included in my achievements, such as attending a Juliard Jazz program, in which the head of the Jazz department Carl Allen, and other teachers from the
University (such as Rodney Jones), came down to Melbourne to tutor a handful of people from around the world. I also toured Europe in a Jazz big band called Zooo Superband, performing in festivals such as the Montreux Jazz festival, and also performing around Sydney with personalities such as…