Sundiata the Hero Essay

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Sundiata was not a self-absorbed person, when even at an early age, “malicious tongues began to blab. What three-year-old has not yet taken his first steps (p.15)?” Early on in his life Sundiata showed his since of concern for others when he sees his mother distraught other being slight by Sassouma, Sundiata says, “mother, what’s the matter (p.19)?” When Sundiata makes up his mind to overcome his problem of not walking, and should feel triumphant and celebrator by focusing on what everyone will say about him, he immediately thinks of his mother, “Mother, do you want just the leaves of the baobab or would you rather I brought you the whole tree, (p.19).” When Sassouma tries to set Sundiata up by having the old witches steal from his …show more content…
Djata went on and his tone was categorical. A shiver ran through the kin’s whole body, (p.28).” Dankaran was fearful of Sundiata because his words carried with them conviction. His words meant so much because of the conviction with which it was spoken that when it came to deciding when to go to war, “Sundiata was immovable, so the orders were given and the war drums began to beat, (p.49).” Sundiata’s determination is initiative with words of conviction that then are manifested in actions. Sundiata’s hero qualities were most evident in the courage that he displayed. Part of Sundiata courage laid in the fact that he was fearless, and “fear enters the heart of him who does not know his destiny, whereas Sundiata knew that he was striding towards a great destiny. He did not know what fear was, (p.29).” Sundiata courage was on display “when Sundiata astonished the whole army with his strength and with his dash in the charge, (p.36).” Most people would be