Sunny Day Blues Essay

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Homework #1
1. If I were to describe a portrait of myself, I would interpret how I like to try different things and also how outgoing of a person I can be. In the terms of John Chaffee, I would be the sort of person who lives/thinks creatively. I believe that trying new things is what makes life diverse and exciting, whether it’s from eating new food from a different culture or changing your style because you want to try something different. The keyword of life is diversity and without it, everyday would be the same dull routine, and as humans, we don’t want that for ourselves. However, some people are different and it’s harder for them to explore their creative side. In instance, for me, some of my strengths are that I am open-minded to all sorts of things and that I’m not afraid to try various types of things. Some of my weaknesses can be how I can over think in some situations, which causes me to doubt myself or overly stress about it. I can also be stubborn at times, but I have the ability to overcome that stubbornness and improve myself. Although I can be stubborn, I like to explore the creative side of me when I play my acoustic guitar or even when I try various types of food. Even when I dress myself in the morning, I like to incorporate different possibilities of an outfit and think which would look better on this day. I also like to have a use for puns, which involves some creativity in thinking of a clever pun that sounds original rather than a cliché.