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FANTASY EVENT PLANNING AGENCY. Our Vision: To become the leading company in events management by consistently providing outstanding services that creates a memorable event. To serve as an extension of our customers' meetings management resources to ensure a comprehensive understanding of their goals and objectives, and committing to delivering high quality, impactful, and value-driven results.
Our Mission: Our mission is to serve our clients in all facets of the hospitality and meeting planning industry. To exceed our client's expectations. To provide an event that will be remembered as a "unique experience". To be fair, honest and ethical in all dealings with our employees, clients and suppliers.
Company Existence: Our company is an event planning company which specialized on organization of different kind of entertainment event (weddings, birthday party, corporate events etc.). It was established in 1998 in Shanghai, China. Originally it was established as a small company with 10 workers. We were the first company that provided such service in China. Number of workers increased to 110 by 2005. We opened up our subsidiaries in different parts of China such as Guangzhou, Beijing and Dalian. Now we are planning to cover other provinces. Now personal include more than 500 employees across China. We cooperate with many photo studios, restaurants, hotels, celebrities and concert halls. We provide service to individual clients as well as big companies in different price categories. Our professionals will design unique and unforgettable scenario for your event!
Founders: Tetiana Olishchuk, Janelle Su.
Board of Directors: Christina Cui, Anna Belski, Wendy Liao.
Shareholders: Janelle Su, Christina Cui, Tetiana Olishchuk, Anna Belski, Wendy Liao.
Number of employees: 523.

Reward and Recognition Model
Our company designed a reward and recognition model o is named “Creativeness and Talent System” (CATS). This system was developed in the accordance with our company’s vision that creative and talented employees are the core to success in our business. This model is aimed at supporting, encouraging and motivating staff’s performance.
Our reward and recognition system consists of two parts. First one is non-monetary reward. It means an accumulation of point, so called Cats, which can be exchanged for gifts and certificates. For this part we designed the stickers with the image of cats. Each employee can be rewarded with cats for his/her creativeness, responsibility, customer’s appraisal, teamwork, initiative, contributions, etc. by coworkers or managers. Cats are distributed on a monthly basis by each department; they can be exchanged at the end of the month or accumulated during the year. We have a special list of things to exchange. Before the list was made the desirable gifts were discussed with employees. For Example:
10 cats = free carwash 100 cats = gym membership
20 cats = two movie tickets 150 cats = shopping certificate
30 cats = dinner at the restaurant 200 cats =photo session 50cats = SPA procedures 250 cats = vacation trip
At the end of the year we organize the “Golden Cat” ceremony to reward the best workers. Those who were accumulating points during the year can get their gifts at the ceremony. Some of our “Golden Cat” nominations:
1. Mr. or Mrs. Creativity.
2. Best team member.
3. Breakthrough of the year.
4. Superior service. We organized our own Hall of Fame to put the photographs of the best workers of our company. Employees who get more cats during the month are put on the board. The same goes after the annual ceremony.
We encourage our employees at all levels to praise the co-workers for their work and send the Thank You letters to each other. Praise costs nothing, but it works well in our company.
We have established funds for, the maximum is 300$ for each employee.
The second part of our reward model is based on