Sunset Grill at Blue Essay

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Executive Summary

The Sunset Grill-at-Blue, an all-breakfast franchise, located in the Village at Blue Mountain, Ontario is currently operated by Bruce Melhuish. Even though the franchise was named Business of the Year in the counties of Simcoe and Grey, the first year of operation resulted in breaking even. Sunset’s service concept is aimed at providing affordable family meals. The restaurant features an open-concept kitchen, which allows Melhuish to oversee the
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Where is he lacking in this area are the queue’s at Sunset Grill. On a Saturday, customers can expect a 20-minute wait in line just to be seated and 40 to 50 chits waiting for the kitchen, which shows that customers are waiting too long at the restaurant. When you look at the Sunset Grill’s blueprint below you will see that the processes that are in need of improvement are the customer’s initial wait in line, delivering the food in a timely manner, and preparing the food in a timely manner.

Bruce is thinking about adding runners, and menu boards to help cut the queue time at the restaurant, which could potentially help retain some of the walk away traffic that he endures. Based off the breakdown of the number of plates served daily on Exhibit 6 Bruce is at 566 plates on a summer weekend with the majority of the business coming between the hours of 9:30-11:30. During these hours are probably when Bruce experiences the most customer dissatisfaction and walk away traffic.

Based on Business Insider a couple main reasons why restaurants fail are inexperience and bad people management skills. The article states, “Potential restaurateurs do not realize or appreciate the specific set of demands that come along with running a restaurant.” The article also goes to explain that, “Unlike other