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Social/Cultural Forces: WestJet Has recently introduced a new airline called WestJet Encore. This airline is a budget airline, which provides affordable flights and great customer service. WestJet Encore is also a smaller more fuel-efficient airline decreases its carbon footprint. Encore has

The main source of the airline industry is people. In the airline industry the employees are trained for the industry’s needs before they are able to work. For WestJet Encore being a budget airline they still meet the standards of service and knowledge that satisfies their customers. The programs they offer at WestJet allow them to take care of their employees, which in turn, allows their employees to take care of the guests (, 2011). WestJet invests a lot of time and effort into the improvement and knowledge of its employees. “ We understand that in order to employ the best and the brightest, we need to ensure we provide them the very best in training and development” (, 2011). With WestJet putting time into their employees they were successful in introducing their budget airline WestJet Encore. WestJet reported that there was an eight per cent increase in passenger traffic for the month of June (The Globe and Mail, 2013). If WestJet keeps up it’s training of its employees and its happy customers WestJet Encore will be able to successfully expand its travels. Since global warming has become public knowledge it has caused a major turn around for airline companies. WestJet Encore being one of them is aiming to become more environmentally friendly. The drive of consumers choosing environmentally friendly products has had an affect on the airline industry. In order for WestJet to meet its