Sunshine Daycare Essay

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Mackenzie Price
Comp 1
28 September 2012

“Sunshine Daycare”
Mrs. Melissa Morris
Parent o Suzy 2796 N Hwy 61
Blytheville, AR 72315

Dear Mrs. Morris,

Sunshine daycare has a great team that works well with children and the parents. We know that the idea of daycare is hard for parents and for children. In this letter we will provide you with tips and ideas to get you and your child ready for daycare!

The biggest concern parents have with daycare is choosing the right one. As a parent you have the complete right to make sure you’re choosing a safe environment for your child, which is what we provide. At Sunshine Daycare we provide a safe and caring environment, and we promise that if you choose Sunshine Daycare, you will have no worries and no doubts.

One way to prepare for your child going to daycare is talk to them about what is actually happening. Let them know that this will be a scary experience, but also reassure them all the fun they will have and will be back home after daycare is over. When kids don’t know about what is going on they’re just dropped off at a whole new place with new surroundings, they get scared and think they will never come back home. Also, let them know that this is preparation for kindergarten and for you child to become a “big kid.” Becoming a “big kid’ is exciting for children, so this will definitely have them excited.

Lastly, you can bring your child in one day and you and your child can have a tour of the…