Essay about SUNSHINE J 7

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Mario Porter
Eng. 1010
Homework: Journal # 7

The sunshine makes me feel free and warm especially on a cold winter morning. I am usually an early riser but when I sleep in the sunshine pears through my blinds and the bright rays awaken me instantly. Sometimes when I have absorbed the sunshine too long, it makes me feel hot, tired, and even sleepy. I have always enjoyed the way the sunshine makes me feel, I look at the sunshine as a gift from God, because without it the earth would just be a ball of ice rotating through our solar system. Sunshine has been shown time and again to improve mood, fight Seasonal Affective Disorder and lessen stress. Not to mention, we’re more likely to move around and be active when we’re outside basking in the sun. And physical activity is definitely good for you! The sunshine also brings people closer together, and when I’m spending time with friends and family on a vacation or just a backyard barbeque, it is always more enjoyable when there is plenty of sunshine. When the sun shines on our skin it creates vitamin D in our bodies, which is essential for many functions such as; bone health, anti-cancer, supports the immune system, protects against dementia, good for loosing fat, and strengthens teeth. Almost all living organisms on our planet need sunlight to reach their full potential, this is why God blessed us with our very own star in the heavens, the sunshine protects, heals, and reveals, this makes me feel loved by our creator