Super Manager Essay

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Successful manager should lead his company forward to achieve certain goals. In order to attain those goals manager should be a person that others want to follow. It is not easy to become efficiency manager as John Langhorne mentions in his article “Basics of an effective management style” that “… some management practices are winners whereas others are losers”. The author means that not every manager can be successful because it requires special talents. An effective manager should pay attention in every detail of company’s development in order to be a leader. Managers plays important role in making up a team and influencing them in a positive trend. One can learn to be a super manager has crucial characteristics which are strong communicating, planning and leading skills.
First distinction of a successful manager is ability to maintain an effective relationship inside organization. Strong communication between manager and workers is a right way to achieve certain objectives which would lead success. Furthermore, it is good idea to have open-door policy so workers would know that they can always ask questions or share ideas regarding some problems with a manager. Regular team meeting will help to unite workers so they will have feeling of “a real team, members hold themselves and each other jointly accountable” (Linback and Hill 2). Communication is not only a way to speak with each other, but also it is a way to listen each other. Manager should consider their employee’s needs and interests because it will help to build a trustful and respectful relationship. Interpersonal relationship is the correct way to have effective communication to reach challenging goals of team objectives.
Second distinction of good manager is ability to have a strategy or set of steps to make up a plan to complete goals. Manager should be able to make a plan in direction in what company would move to attain certain set of objectives. There are some types of planning such long range