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Peter Marshall
Supersize me is a movie that seeks to justify a case of suing towards McDonalds. It is constructed by a guy who attempts to eat nothing but McDonalds for a whole month, in order to have ethos in his argument(which is made of logical fallacies). I believe that the creator made a great persuasive movie, because I had to get out of my trance like state in order to realize that although I agreed with it, I'm analyzing it, which is when I started disagreeing with the movie.
Okay so allow me to say the things this guy did that were not full of bias and logical fallacies. The guy talked to a few opposers of his opinion, which is good although he seemed to have only two of those. The first person that disagreed with his opinion was a foreign lady ( Who he was trying to set as a role model ) who did not eat at Mcdonalds showing despite all the rest she didn't which we can say makes it completely fair to say that not everyone eats at the golden arches. The second counter to his argument was a man who ate out Mcdonalds everyday and he Was in good shape. He also showed that there was a lack of knowledge about food safety and knowledge about the food. This means that ultimately the problem lies within education as usual .
NOW to begin, finally, the analysis of all the biases. There were many problems with this documentary and it all begins with a statement, "we are part of the problem" he greatly exaggerates the authority of one ceo. He generalises that because one ceo said that that all others agree which is a logical fallacy. He also likes to say a statement and quickly assumes that everyone else would agree with that statement. He does this when he says he feels like mcdonalds makes him feel better but without explaining why its

false although it's very easy to explain why in his situation, because he's addicted to mcdonalds and also because he has many more spankings released at mcdonalds than at work so it makes him sadder over all (I have had many psychologist who have talked to me about dopamines and how adhd affects how mine are released and how they should be.). This paragraph covers his overgeneralizations.
He used a respectable techniques to progress his originally small disagreeable argument to a impenetrable argument. He did this at first with asking whether people could sue mcdonalds for