"Super-Size Me" Review Essay

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Super-Size Me Movie Review

After watching this movie I learned a few things but majority of the movie did not come by any surprise. As most people know America is a very unhealthy country and fast food is one of the biggest factors into these statistics. The man who takes on the thirty day McDonalds diet challenge, Morgan Spurlock gains all kind of weight because he has to eat all three daily meals at this fast food restaurant. While I would never do what he did, I am glad someone made the sacrifice and filmed the documentary. It is really eye opening and for the people who do not understand the side effects of consistent fast food eating should definitely watch the film. The hardest part of the challenge is that if the cashier asks him if he would like to super-size his meal, he has no choice but to say yes. For those of you who do not know, the super-size portions are extremely large and contain over an entire days’ worth of calories. The catch to it is that he does not do any physical activity other than walking around for the entire thirty day span. This really makes the whole situation even that more unhealthy. I enjoyed the movie, though I still do not understand why people would ever eat that much fast food, not only because of the health reasons but also the price. Some of the facts that the movie gave that really took me by surprise were; McDonalds feeds more than 46 million people per day, French fries are the most eaten vegetable in America, you would have to