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CS782Session2 2012
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Author: Thomas G. Meyer
Date March 27, 2012

Table of Contents Assumptions 3 Section 1: Overview 3 Section 2: Manufacturing Information Systems 4 Section3: User Communication systems 5 Section4: Customer Relationship Management Systems 6 Section 5 Sales and Marketing Information Systems 7 Section 6: Firewalls 8 Section 7: Audio and Video Streaming 9 Section 8: Summary of Topics Not Chosen 11 Bibliography 12 Revision History 14

This paper is about how SuperTraining Corporation can best utilize various IT resources to gain a competitive adavanted in the area of on-line training and eduction. Some topics sucha as e-commerce, network
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By utilizing Tooling U, SuperTraining can adapt to various training needs and student numbers (ToolU). Utilizing MIS will enable SuperTraining to track measurable reuslts. “We produce custom reports documenting your students' performance, including class completions, test results, login times, and much more. We also track the progress of hands-on training in your program. With Tooling U, you gain a valuable tool in measuring results.” (ToolU). MIS must complete the package @ SuperTraining much like @ ToolU “Effective training is an entire process that demands more than content and the delivery. A true training initiative is range of activities that must all support the overall training objectives. You need clear goals, accurate needs assessments, effective implementation, and continued support (ToolU).”
Section3: User Communication systems

User Comminication systems should be an important feature at SuperTraining because the student is not in the class room on campus for their classes. Exceptional audio and visual tranfer is a must in the training industy since not everything can be done in a lab on-site. Video streaming cuts costs by resouce sharing and by providing high quality HD with live on demand streaming (LifeSize Sytems, 2011). “LifeSize provides high definiton videio resoluton in a treu 1280 x 720resolution at 30 frames per second providing