Superhero Paper

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Lizardman Strong, nimble and bold, the Saharan saviors of society sojourn briefly, for their quest to rid humanity of negativity and darkness keeps them on the move. To the precipices of the Alps to the edges of the abyssal zone, their bright demeanors and scaly skin protect them against gloomy insolences. Our unsung heroes, our reptilian comrades; their work goes unheeded. With so many people on our fragile planet, the battle of good vs evil is at a stalemate. We need the help of our strongest of heroes, the scraggliest of beards, the roughest of underbellies: Lizardman. With 4 inch claws and a beard that rivals Mr. T, the powers of Lizardman are strong and numerous. To battle the forces of darkness and pessimism, he’s equipped with a rod of concentrated solar energy. Just the sight of this is often enough to ward off evil thoughts and energies. His solar beam is also an effective method of obliterating negative energy. Along with his solar beam, his razor sharp claws can tear and slash through the shroud of darkness surrounding cynical villains. The ferocious combination of weaponry can tackle any scenario, enabling Lizarman to defeat any scoundrel he comes into contact with. Certain minions of darkness are stronger than others, none as powerful as the slimy, skulking monsters that creep in the darkness. Salamanders, with their insidious agendas, create dark energy everywhere they go. Only Lizardman can harness the power of light to defeat them and drive them back to whence they came. They grow in number each and every day, festering and planning their attacks on the happy and successful. Lizardman’s job is never done, as the growing forces of darkness continue to resist his friendly, optimistic approach on life. His kindness can only take his so far before his powerful weaponry must reign down upon the naysayers. The goals of Lizardman are known far and wide, and his instantly recognizable appearance helps him stay noticed throughout the world. Creating a society based on the fundamentals of positive thinking and kindness is what drives Lizardman to accomplish his feats of triumph. If everyone tried to help each other and unite in upbeat thinking, the world would be a much better place. Imagine a place where everyone was valued and respected as individuals, where everyone was courteous and friendly, and where everyone went out of their way to help others. That is Lizardman’s dream, and the dream of