Superhero Story Essay

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Dictionary hq On any normal day the Super Word Crew (or SWC) would seem like a group of friends all hanging out together. But really they are a group of superheroes. There`s Daisy, who can grow like a plant. Abigail who can control peoples minds and plant thoughts in them. Benetha can shape shift into anything she can imagine. Gatsby is a rich guy with tons of gadgets and suits at his disposal. Finally, there`s Robin who has a passion for golfing and has “innovated” the sport. Now, usually they are all best friends but today they are arguing about whether or not to put the word HELLA into the dictionary.
Gatsby and Benetha both think it’s a great idea, whereas Abigail and Robin think its just plain stupid. Daisy, being very fickle, has yet to pick a side.

Before the fighting began all the friends were at Gatsby’s mansion. As he realizes that this verbal debate is about to get violent he has a robotic suit for him and a teleporter come and take them to a safe plain, which just so happens to be next to the hidden Dictionary Headquarters. Once everyone notices that they have been teleported they begin duking it out. Abigail attempts to control Gatsby but his suit is stopping her powers from working, meanwhile Benetha has transformed into a giant gorilla and Robin sends a set of grumpy gas her way. After a few bombs Robin realizes that the grumpy gas is only making Benetha angrier, all the while Abigail is expertly evading Gatsby`s bombs, lasers, and missiles while attempting to get Benetha to turn on Gatsby. However the only thing she is…