Essay about Superheroes Cause And Effect

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November 6, 2014
Anna Poole

There are not many superheroes, but then again there is even less humans that have inhuman abilities. The Bionic Woman is one of those humans. She just woke up one morning thinking that day would be like any other Monday morning. That the day would just drag along as it always did, but that day turned out to be the most tragic yet surprising day of her life. It was the day that she got into a car accident, had surgery, and got super inhuman strength.
She was born in a little small town called Lincolnton, North Carolina. It all happened May 12th, 2014 right after she dropped her little sister off at school, she was on her way home when her phone fell in the floorboard of her car, when she reached down to pick it up there was no one in front of her so she did not really think about it and when she came back up there was, but It was too late and her life flashed before her eyes. BOOM! She went right underneath another car. At the time she thought that this was just a black SUV that she had hit, but it turned out to be an undercover cop car. The first thing that she thought was, “Well hell, I’m in trouble now”. The police officer got out of his car and walked over to her to see if she was okay before the cops were called along with the ambulances and fire trucks.
When the ambulances got there they could not get to her, her leg was swelled almost as big around as her waist and her knee was lodged underneath her steering wheel. The emergency response team had to cut her out of her pants. They knew that her leg was broke but they did not know how bad it was or how many bones could have been broke. They tried their best to get her out of her car without really moving her around. It took the response team some time to get her on the stretcher but when they finally did it was time to go to the hospital.
The doctor came in to the hospital room no sooner than she got there. He examined her, every bone in her leg and foot was broke. The doctor told the nurses to put a split on her leg to hold it in place because what the now bionic woman did not know is her right leg was a foot shorter than her left. The doctor had to pull on her foot to put her leg back in place, and took her right after to get x-rays to see how bad it actually was. Her femur was broke and every bone in the top of her foot. The doctor knew by the looks of this she was going to have to have surgery.
She was admitted in to have surgery where her bones were replaced with titanium rods, plates, and screws, but there was an accident during surgery. The doctor was getting his instruments ready to start the surgery when he sat the scalpel in contaminated liquid. He picked it back up without realizing what he had done and started to begin with the surgery. When the scalpel cut the muscle and tissues the contaminated liquid seeped into her body and her muscles started going through a drastic change which caused her to gain super strength. The surgery lasted a few hours and when she awoke she felt like something was very off about her body, she felt tingly and nauseas. She assumed that it could have been the medicine that was used to put her under right before surgery. She spent a week in the hospital, because her heart rate was just everywhere one night it would be super high and the next dangerously low. Family and friends came to visit and she was soon released to go home. It took months to fully heal and took even longer to be able to walk again. After countless doctor appointments, x-rays, and what seemed like a hundred different casts she could finally walk again and drive.