Superman And Its Influence On Today's Pop Culture

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If one were to take a look at today’s pop culture, there will be no doubt that for years now superheroes have profoundly penetrated the cultural consciousness. From movies to videogames, novels and intricate works of art, superheroes have become increasingly popular, beloved by both children and adults. There is no denying though that the most recognized among the thousands of comic book characters is the Man of Steel himself, Superman. With nearly 80 years of comic book history to his name, Superman is widely regarded as the one who started it all, the grandfather of all modern day superheroes, the trend setter. With his debut in Action Comics #1 in June 1938, the character Superman has inspired generations of artists and writers to pursue jobs in making comic book characters of their own. …show more content…
People these days tend to turn to more human characters, such as Batman or Spider-Man, claiming that these characters are more relevant and relatable. In order to decipher why people feel this way, one must uncover what exactly it is about the Superman character that people find uninteresting, and figure out if there is any way comic book writers can overcome those criticisms.

Since the opinions of comic book readers cannot be easily pinned down to specific people and are quite difficult to gauge at times, the quotes analyzed will be mostly from writers in the comic book industry who wrote prominent and highly praised stories, especially ones with Superman as the