Superman And Me Summary

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In his essay “The Joy of Reading and Writing: Superman and Me” author Sherman Alexie writes about the pleasures of reading. His thesis “My father loved books, and since I love my father with an aching devotion, I decided to love books as well” best describes the author’s position on the topic. He conveys his thesis to the reader through the primary purpose of expressive writing. His use of personal anecdote along with the secondary purpose of literary writing gives insight to the reader of the lives of those who were raised on a Native American reservation.
Primarily, Alexie’s purpose is expressive. Throughout Alexie’s story, he uses the repetition of the personal pronoun “I” in order to present a point and then make a reference back to it
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For instance, he would read after he had finished an assignment in class or he would read cereal boxes and things posted on the walls at school, the clinic, the tribal offices, and at the post office. The author further develops his argument of loving books by describing how he turned his passion into his career and started writing novels, short stories, and poems. He has inspired other Native American children to also learn reading and writing. He has established this through his creative writing class where students create their own novels, short stories and poems: "These days, I write novels, short stories, and poems. I visit schools and teach creative writing to Native American kids." This makes the author a trustworthy candidate by establishing authority; this is a form of ethos. The reader does not view the author as a smart Native American boy who had a fascination with reading but rather as someone who used their talent and became successful, establishing Alexie’s secondary pattern of description. In "Superman and Me", Alexie utilizes purposes and patterns as two very strong writing elements. His use of these tools leaves a lasting impression on his audience. Both writing tools are very different but Alexie uses them to create similar responses from the audience. His expressive purpose can be used to evoke emotions from his audience. He did not want this essay to just be informative, but he wanted this essay to display emotive factors that catch a glimpse into the life of a person growing up on a Native American