Superman Vs Beowulf

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Webster's Dictionary defines a hero as, "An illustrious warrior; a man admired for his achievements and noble qualities; and one that shows great courage". Just as the abundant amount of Superman movies and comic books might do, the epic of Beowulf conveys these great qualities in which in his society, may be the definition of the "ideal man." Both of these humble, admired individuals expresses the hero-like qualities needed for heroes like them to have, to do the courageous, brave acts they do. Superman and Beowulf both not only show physical strength, but also express moral strength by being a champion of the values of their societies. Although both of these heroes are identical in many aspects, a clear differentiation exists between the …show more content…
The temerarious characteristic both of these heroes contain is shown throughout each of their adventures as they go against the worst of the worst. Not thinking once about their own safety, in each of their stories, they both exemplify the importance of courage and bravery when being a hero. These such characteristics summarizes the idea of the Chivalric code, which states that a warrior must fight with courage and integrity, and have no fear of what comes their way. Superman and Beowulf also don’t take these dangerous experiences as a job, for they don’t get paid in money for the things they do. Although Beowulf goes out of his way to slay terrifying monsters such as Grendel, Grendel's mother, and the vicious dragon to save the people of Heorot, he also does this for fame and glory. He was aiming to make a great name for himself. In Superman's case, he goes though these difficult obstacles only to protect the people of his city. You can tell this is the case due to the fact that Superman never reveals his true identity as Clark Kent, and disguises himself when in the public as "Superman." Another thing they differ from, is their power. Although Beowulf powers exceeded those in ordinary man, and was robust enough to the point where he is able to rip off the arm of the "fiend from hell," Grendel, he doesn’t have any superpowers per se. He trained day and night to get to where he was. In Superman's case, just like most modern superheroes, he wasn’t an ordinary man. According to, since the planet where he is from has a different sun, Superman obtained abnormal abilities when exposed to the sun on Earth when he first came. These similarities and differences not only shows