Supermen: Superman and Grandpa Gohan Essays

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Jack Fletcher
Mrs. Bristow
English 101
18 October 2014
In 1938, Superman soared straight into American culture with his super-strength and charisma. Since then, he has evolved, getting new powers with every update. Nearly five decades later, a manga by the name of Dragonball debuted, introducing Goku, an alien child with a monkey tail and extraordinary strength. As Goku matured, he became a warrior that protected the Earth. A person doesn’t have to be a die-hard fan of DC comics or manga and anime to recognize who Superman and Goku are. Both of them have been a part of our culture and media for so long that we see them as iconic. After watching Man of Steel and re-watching some of Dragonball Z, I noticed many differences between the two super-aliens. Along with these differences, Superman and Goku also have similarities that almost seem coincidental. Although their stories' origins are different, their origin stories have some similarities. Superman was sent to Earth as a baby when his planet, Krypton, was on the brink of destruction. His parents wanted him to grow under the Sun's rays, which eventually gave him his powers. Similarly, Goku(named Kakarot at birth) was sent from his home planet as an infant to Earth. Even though he was sent to destroy the Earth for the benefit of his race, an accident caused amnesia. This made him pure-hearted and good unlike the Saiyans who sent him. Just as the Kents adopted Superman and named him Clark Kent, Grandpa Gohan took Goku under his wings and gave him his current name. Both heroes learned much of what they know from their adoptive parents. Jonathon and Martha Kent taught Superman about the importance of morality and being good. Despite not having actual training in physical combat, he was deemed the strongest being on Earth and vowed to protect it. Goku also learned all that he knows from his adoptive parent. Grandpa Gohan taught him various martial art concepts and influenced his pure heart further. Goku also swore to protect his new home planet no matter what it took. In order to protect Earth, the two heroes use unique powers. Both Superman and Goku have super-strength and the ability to fly. That is; however, where the similarities end for the most part. Super man has a huge list of powers that make him seem invincible. Some of his powers include x-ray vision, the iconic heat vision, and even multilingualism. One of the only things keeping him from being flawless is an intolerance towards Kryptonite, a mineral found on his home planet. His dependency on solar energy can also have consequences. On the other hand, Goku doesn't have powers like super-intelligence or eidetic memory but still has an impressive number of energy-based attacks. Some of his moves include Ki Blast, instant transmission, and his signature move, the Kamehameha. He also has multiple power levels such as Super Saiyan or Super Saiyan II that