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Supernatural Response Assignment

The story “Tall Tales” is told with several different variations by people with different opinions. The story is told and then the versions are edited somewhat by the other storytellers. Since this is the process of the storytelling, the listener has the option to develop their own opinion and to believe one version over the other. It doesn’t make one or the other correct but it does help the listener draw their own conclusion of which story is most credible.

The beauty of an “urban legend” is that it is touted as being a true story having happened to a real person or persons but once this legend is passed from one person to another, there ends up being multiple variations. Things are added to make the legend more exciting or outlandish. With these exciting additions, it makes the story more exciting to pass around and generally ensures that the story is told from generation to generation. People are fascinated with legends and myths and urban legends provide just enough truth to hold the listeners attention and at the same time, enough theatrics to want the listener to share the story. Opinions are formed by the listener and often times, the story is then shared with even a bit more exaggeration than the last time.

When one hears a story there doesn’t need to be verification of the story for the story to be believable. The story itself is enjoyable and usually captures the listener’s attention enough for that listener to share with other people. The most favored way to share a story is verbally. Most people are familiar with campfire stories or those told at sleepovers by children. There is usually a fear factor associated with these stories to ensure that they are shared or passed around. Everyone might be familiar with the story of “Bloody Mary” or the “Kidney…