Supersize Me

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Supersize Me Essay Morgan Spurlock in various ways risks his life while doing the diet on McDonald’s fast foods. He walks and travels looking like any healthy person, but in reality he has various problems with his system. Morgan describes his Mc aches during the 9th day of his diet. Yet, he doesn’t show any emotion or appearance of being ill. In the movie he looks like any other person walking to McDonald’s without health problems. Though, no one can tell that he is sick, the medical check-ups say the contrary. Morgan’s cholesterol is really high, he has gained 24 pounds, and above all he could have serious problems with his liver. As consumers portion sizes and fat content in foods may not be important at all. Corporate responsibility is the effect of a company’s food on the consumer. This does not worry many people who are not obese at the time, but when eating a lot of junk food at least once a everyday you might gain a lot of weight. Then personal responsibility kicks in and the consumer gets the idea that it’s the company’s fault and now they want to sue them. Company’s advertise, but don’t pressure the consumer to buy the food. Both the company and consumer have fault in this. Health insurance for obese people should not increase or cost more. I know it comes from taxes and other peoples hard work, but not everybody has that much money to waste on a health insurance. They