Supply and Demand and High Demand Items Essay examples

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Automated Inventory System Plan
Project Goal
The following is a proposed solution to implementing an automated inventory system for XXX Clothing Store. The goal is to be able to electronically track the company’s clothing inventory to sustain the supply on high demand items.
A very small budget is one implementation constraint that will need to be addressed. The budget will be a guide as to which hardware and software items can be purchased. The company is currently working with a $2000.00 budget limit for the automated inventory startup. Our target is to have a minimum $30/month maintenance plan.
Systems Request and Findings
Due to the budget constraints the owner will be involved from start to finish with analyzing software and hardware options. A meeting will need to take place to discuss the list of vendors and product options for a new computer and printer. During the meeting we will also analyze and decide from a list of vendors with specs for a barcode scanner and necessary accessories. The decision on who will be trained and what additional roles will need to be established will also be on the table. The need for bi-directional tracking software is pertinent. Will need to be able to track what is purchased against what is in inventory.
Summary of Findings
Based on the cost constraints the hardware and software vendor options run approximately on the same price range. This helps in projecting startup costs for the system’s implementation. The business has two employees and both (to also include owner) will be trained on how to use the new system. Training will be a cost