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Now, I will introduce myself as Vincent Porcaro,Inc, or you can call me “VPI”, the following is a summary of my qualifications that will convince Stage Stores to be my client again, and let me manage her inventory at my warehouse:

VPI is a performance driven third party logistics company
A. We provide a broad range of fulfillment services to over 40 National and International companies, but our relationship with you was special one
B. Our services include the assembly, fulfillment and distribution of literature, displays, Point-of-Purchase (POP) and pick and pack, warehouse and logistics
C. POP and literature fulfillment has been a specialty for us supported state of art and technology enabling us to provide extraordinary results.
D. What you knew about me is part of history. What you’ll know is part of your illustrious future
E. I have gone throughout serious metamorphosis of logistic changes in order to improve supply chain efficiency
F. So, I collect and present information, I keep effective inventory management, and provide real time updates for living
G. My services are always scaled and customized to our customers' needs based on market conditions for demands and delivery service requirements for your products and materials. In other words, I will provide personalization to every
Stage Store needed.
H. We take your manual specifications to the limit: Routing & shipping requirements, order windows
I. Finished stocks is held and deliver to the point of consumption
J. Returns: reverse logistics
K. With international trade mushrooming and supply chains expanding around the world, we as a third-party logistics provider have taken on an increasingly important role: to give manufacturers absolutely reliable sources of supply. L. Being a warehouse just as a large storage entity was a thing of the past, we have evolved to an advanced
M. 3PL that can provide the expertise, reach, reliability and flexibility that multinational corporations need.
N. We provide effective inventory management and real time tracking update

At VPI we would perform activities such as, pick and pack, warehousing, and distribution.

Service Developer
-We offer to our customers…