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Assignment one
ISCM-International Supply Chain Management

Introduction Page3
What is customer value proposition? How do the supply chains support this value to be realized? Page 3 Variety Page4 Assortment Page4
Brands Page5
Availability Page5
What are the four types of supply chain alliances? What is the role they play in the supply chain efficiency improvement? Page5 Join Venture Page6
Equity Strategic Alliance Page6
Non-equity Strategic Alliance Page6
Global Strategic Alliances Page6
Redesigning the supply chains to achieve cost saving and innovative product design. Page6
Strengthening operation and budgeting finance Page7
Expanding market share by utilize local supply chain and distribution network.
What are the five categories of information to ensure efficiency of the supply chain? Analysis the example of Chrysler Toledo Supplier Park and its practices. Page8
Conclusion Page10
Reference Page11

“A supply chain is a system of organizations, people, activities, information, and resources involved in moving a product or service from suppliers to customers.”(Wikipedia, 2013). Efficiency of supply chain is about to accesoler the process without extra non- value add-on activities. By knowing what customer needs and wants, business can effective controlling the level of inventory, choose the right transport without non value add cost, deliver the goods and service on time to the customer. How to achieve this goal needs careful planning of supplier’s selection, alliances and effective management of inbound and outbound information to make the reaction of the whole supply chain on time. In this assignment, we first discuss what the customer value is, then we go further to discuss what and how to have strategy alliance to satisfy customer value. At the end we apply a case study of Chrysler’s Toledo Supplier Park on how to practice the concept of supply chain efficiency management.
What is customer value proposition? How do the supply chains support this value to be realized?
“A customer value proposition (CVP) consists of the sum total of benefits which a vendor promises a customer will receive in return for the customer's associated payment (or other value-transfer).”(Wikipedia, 2013.). Basically, CPV is the customer’s expectations: needs and wants are to be met towards the products or service they choose to purchase. A key point to a sustainable business is to understand the customer’s need and manage their resource to meet it, which requires the supply chains to play the supporting and backup role.
Usually, CPV consist of the following common components: * Variety
Variety means choice. It means the multiple selections of products categories and the number of stock keeping units (SKU). We can say, the bigger the variety, the more cost on the supply chain management due to the complexity of the range of products and its management. However, the variety will contribute to the higher customer satisfaction towards the “one-stop shop” experience. This can be proved by the chain stores such as “Foodtown”, “Park’n Save”, etc. They are the giants among the retail business, the range of products are from food, clothes to gardening and relative household product. However, the cost to manage the supply chains is huge as well. * Assortment
It’s the collection of certain product. This concept is being advanced applied on some of the “specialty” shop, such as organic food shop, cheese shop, maternity clothing shop, etc, one particular item can have wide range of selection. For an example, a pregnancy woman shops her maternity clothing at “Farmers” chain store, there are probably only 2-5 styles to be selected, but if she shops at “Egg world NZ”-a maternity specialty store, she has more than hundred styles to be selected. The fixed