Supply Chain Management Essay

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Supply Chain Management

Supply chain management is the management of supplies to achieve customer value and develop product in the effective and efficient ways possible. Supply chain management covers everything from product development, outsourcing the product, and coordinating all the activities that it takes to produce the product and get it ready for the consumer. It is important that all components of the supply chain management work together to coordinate the long-term goals, and to control the day to day operations to produce a successful product. As the supply profession continues to change and expand, it also provides an opportunity for better strategies, and ongoing development for better production, and management. It is critical that the companies can identify what the needs are for the consumers, and be able to set goals and identify the opportunities that they have to create a successful product at a reasonable cost for the company and the consumer. Companies need to be able to have access and acquire the resources that they need to make the product successful, and creating close relationships with other sources. Companies need to be able to position themselves at the right time, and they can do this by being visible to the consumer, building great customer service relationships, not only with their customers, but also supplier that they will be working with on a daily basis. It is very important that they have a strong management team to