Supply Chain Management Essay

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SCM 2230
Winter 2013


Instructor Information

|Prof. Matthew Morris |Office Hours: |
|Drake 624 |by appointment |
|204-474-9737 | |
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|email: | |

Email is the best means of contact on non-class days.

Course Material

Text: Fawcett, Ellram and Ogden, Supply Chain Management: From Vision to Implementation (2007).

Online course material (Desire2learn):

Most PowerPoint slides will be available online prior to class. If you choose to print these slides, you are advised to print choose “print in black and white” under the print menu. If you don’t you will use significant amounts of ink!

Email will be used frequently to disseminate class announcements. Failure to update your email address/account now may result in missed communications in the future.

Note: Many hotmail addresses get blocked by the servers; it is advisable to use a different account when writing me. By default, the addresses in the system (ANGEL/Aurora) are used to communicate, so that account should be checked regularly or changed to a more frequented account.

Course Description:
The study of logistics and supply chain management involving the movement and storage of supplies, work-in-progress and finished goods. Logistics cost trade-offs within the firm and between members of the supply chain are examined.

This course involves lectures, discussions, case studies, current readings, and when possible outside speakers.

Course Objectives:
Students will develop: 1) An understanding of the complexities associated with the physical movement of goods and how they affect the mission of the firm; and 2) a knowledge of the cost trade-off between different functions and activities within an organization as well as with other members of the supply chain.

Class Preparation:
Students will receive the greatest benefit by completing all the reading assignments in advance of class, attending class, and being active participants in classroom discussions. Sharing of opinions, ideas and questions is strongly encouraged and greatly benefits all participants.

Special Needs:
Any student with special needs should bring this to the attention of the instructor as soon as possible, but not later than the second week of class.

All students are encouraged to bring questions, concerns, and comments to my attention as soon as they arise. Please do not wait! Once final grades are submitted, changes to grades