Supply Chain Management and Introduction Nisa Retail Essay

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Nisa Retail Limited previously known as Nisa-Today's is a group of wholesalers and individual retailers (mainly small grocery shops) in the United Kingdom. This group operates like a co-operative where the large group of buyers use their collective bargaining power to crack profitable deals with the suppliers.
Nisa’s headquarter and the distribution depot is in Scunthorpe, North Lincolnshire. It also has various distribution depots at Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire and Harlow, Essex which is mainly concerned with temperature controlled products. A new distribution centre in Livingston for Scotland was also opened in the year 2011.
According to the data, by the year 2012, The Company had over 1080 registered shareholders and is working effectively over 4000 stores and small supermarkets and amongst them is also Symbol group which is the most cost efficient.
Account statement of Nisa Retail as on 31st March 2013 states that the company had an approx net worth of £40 million. The company is organized in a unique manner as it helps individual and independent retailers to stay competitive in the drinks and food market. It has well managed itself and the company very well knows how to survive and compete in a competitive world in spite of unfavourable economic situations. Nisa was successful to achieve a turnover of £1.5billion+ in the past few years.
As mentioned earlier, the company is uniquely organized. Despite of how big or small its members are, all of them have equal say in the company’s decisions and hence, have equal voting rights. The members of the company who are the independent retailers are dispersed all over the United Kingdom and each of them holds 100 shares each in the company. The flexibility of Nisa is commendable as they provide options to their members to either stay connected to their store history or to adopt Nisa’s incredible packages available under Nisa or Loco fascias. The company believes in the concept of brand development and they mainly focus on TV advertising.
Nisa has a remarkable Member support Centre with 280 staff members in order to ensure that best products and services are available and provided to the customers.
Nisa has an effective supply chain management and it definitely adds as one of the assets to the company. It has various warehouses located in Stoke, Harlow, Scunthorpe and Livingston. It operates approx a million square feet of warehousing moving 108 million cases every year.
An ideal company is the one who believes in giving back to the society and Nisa and its distribution partner DLF totally works on this principle. They provide the most promising services to Nisa’s members keeping in mind the affects it can have on the environment.
DFL mainly manages the four warehouses. It takes care of the frozen products, ambient and looks after the flow of products across the supply chain network. They have a simple formula which has made them one of the global leaders in the logistics industry and that is to offer the best quality services by using the local knowledge.
Wide range of own label portfolio are offered to the retailers by Nisa under the Heritage name and Nisa also offer customers the option to chose high quality products at competitive prices. This consists of Heritage Value and Heritage Select.
Members of Nisa have an edge as they have advantage of PR and marketing support which they can get from Member Support Centre. Over 5 million personalized leaflets are distributed amongst customers door-to-door every 3 weeks; various media campaigns are organized in newspapers. All this increases brand awareness and also increases the footfall into Nisa stores. The PR department of the Member Support System also provides assistance with local charity donations, general media relations and store openings.
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