Supply Chain Management Case Studies Essay

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MSYS111-12B Possible Test Questions Sessions 1-9 * What is a supply chain?
The interconnected businesses that convert raw materials into consumer products via the transfer of materials, information and cash. * Draw a hypothetical milk supply chain * What is supply chain management?
The management of upstream and downstream suppliers working together to create high value products for consumers as efficiently as possible to the benefit of the whole supply chain. It operates on three different levels, Strategic, Tactical an Operational. At a strategic level, the decisions are made regarding long term objectives, company direction and distribution of resources, at a tactical level this revolves around functional decisions,
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If any business will be disadvantaged by the integration, then the level is too high. The higher the level of integration, the higher the level of trust needed between parties. * How well integrated is Seven-Eleven's supply chain?
7/11 has a well integrated supply chain, according to their own reports, they redefined their supply chain strategy and their distribution strategy leading to increased efficiency. The article cites improved competitive advantage through the upply chain integration. * Which of the three forms of value have Seven-Eleven achieved (explain your reasoning)?
The primary focus of 7/11 is enhancing economic value, this is evidenced by their efforts to improve economies of scale and improvements to their buying power, and working together with suppliers, manufacturers and distributors has created success and increased shareholder wealth. * How is SCM like a Mexican Wave?
Timing is crucial, something effecting one area has a flow on effect, even without every participant it still continues, sequential, importance of order and tiing, requires buy in to work, hard to initiate, then it takes on a life of its own, hard to control.
How is it different? Co-location, Geograohic dispersal, don’t need to be line of sight. * Is Nike’s supply chain global?
Nikes supply chain certainly demonstrates some of the main characteristics of a global supply chain in that componentry is sourced worldwide, manufacturing is undertaken off-shore,