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There are five basic components of a supply chain management, Distributors, Retailers, Manufacturers, and Customers-Consumers. Nearly all businesses utilize the five supply chain components, thus bringing merchandise to the marketplace. Successfully merging the components and processes of the supply chain management will help reduce the cost and boost customer service. Supply Chain combining also gives a new set of competences which will help businesses increase revenue and achieve a competitive benefit. In a supply chain management, it is sometime the necessity to integrate measures to the supply chain process, to a certain extent than merely managing individual tasks. A successful combining attempt necessitates combine effort between suppliers and buyers, as well as joining up to develop a new product, information sharing, and developing unforeseen schemes. The flowing of continuous information in a business operation is key to the success of the integration to the supply chain management. The effective workings of this process help every person accomplish the finest product stream. Hence teamwork with suppliers, tactical plans must be developed in order to help in the progress of new products as well as the manufacturing flow management process. Taken into account the final delivery flows from the factory to the customer. The final product flows from this marketing channel to the physical distribution, thus the availability of that merchandise is a vital part of the marketing labors. Customer service is essential to the distribution process in addition marketing.

Additionally Dimco’s has implemented a tactical operational supply chain which incorporates the daily production and distribution planning, which includes a number system to follow the schedules of each manufacturing production facility in the supply chain management, coordinating the forecast demands of all customers with all suppliers. The source planning, works together with current inventory and anticipate demand, in partnership with all suppliers. Inbound operations are the transportation from the suppliers and receiving stock. Production operations, is the consumption of materials and flow of finished merchandise. Strategic Networking is an important and absolutely critical activity for companies to network and gain a competitive advantage in business, thus optimization the supply chain format for Dimco, Technology has taking on a new form in our lives and will continue to evolve internet, bar code scanners systems, intranets, extranets, the web and the EDI (electronic data interchange) and point-of-sale (POS) command information. The world has begun using the Internet and the Web for conducting business. Dimco could benefit from utilizing EDI, Net Marketplace and VPN; this will bridge the gaps that would allow this business flourish. EDI benefits would allow the business credentials such as acquire orders, transportation bills, supplies numbers and statements, to be done using a computer-to-computer communication, Net Marketplace would bring all the suppliers and manufactures together in a single environment to conduct business and VPN would allow assess for the employees, customers and suppliers to work together on a multitude of task thus being more efficient. When the E-Commerce materialize businesses around the world and across the nation took advantage of this great opportunity to leverage their market place potentially grow their customer base substantially. For your understanding E-Commerce is a way to do business via the web and internet, this is a way that processes and transactions are conducted within an organization e.g., on-line inventory, which supports supply chain management. E Commerce is comprised of B2B and B2C however let take a closer look at B2B-B2B or business to business are companies that buy and sell to each other using a host of methods to achieve this goal. There are