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The two support groups that I joined was Anger Mangement and Loneliness. Both support groups were sponsored by DailyStrength. The purpose of the Anger Management support group has 3929 members and the purpose is to provide people that are dealing with anger issues a place to gather and discuss and receive help for their issues. The anger management group was suppose to provide people with a healthy way of releasing anger. This group is also suppose to help them figure out what their personal triggers are and then try to reduce them. The Loneliness support group has 5586 members that are feeling empty and alone. In this group they help to figure out where the emptiness is coming from rather it is from a death, or broken marriage. The great thing about these support groups is that there is no fee and it's free tp join. The other positive side is that you do not have to provide any personal information in order to become part of a support group. The meetings work by logging onto to online website and searching for a support group that will best fit your needs. It seems very simple because it did not take a long for me to become a part of either support group. These support groups only provide peer-peer interaction however, it does have accessible links that can get someone personal help. From what I saw people constantlty log in and out of the support groups. I believe that they are open 24/7 so when I logged in late one night there were thousands of people on. I like the support groups because…