Supporting Document In-Service Description

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Supporting Document In-Service Description
As requested the following is a more in-depth explanation of the subject matter involved in each item listed in your initial request.
I. Boarding home rules and policies – Information supplied for this category included “Health and Safety Code Chapter 254 – Boarding Home Facilities. This document supplies a qualitative review of such information as a definitive description of a boarding home; local regulations, Permit Procedures, etc.
II. Preventing recognizing reporting abuse, - The owner has completed the required course for the City of Dallas compliance requirements and subsequently supplied current employees with any pertinent information pursuant to the reporting of relevant cases of abuse, neglect, etc. These to include the use of applicable State and local agencies, i.e. DADS, Adapt of Texas, and NAMI. The reporting procedure includes the immediate notification of the owner to ensure proper handling of any and all such cases. The City of Dallas has provided an Incident Report Form for use by this facility.
III. Residents rights: Pursuant to Chapter 102 of the Rights of Elders - Attendants have been made aware of their responsibility to adhere to the human rights of Elders including applicable privacy and HIPPA related issues. Some rights considered are non-discrimination due to age, right to receive standard services; confidentiality of personal information; right to participate in in-home service planning.
IV. Activating emergency care services for resident with health risk: The mitigation of high risk client care rests with the staff and owner of each facility. Records are to be maintained on high risk clients to ensure the smooth transition from their place of residence to an acute care facility. After care instruction are to be obtained by either the staff member or the owner to ensure proper follow-up care is available.
V. Assisting resident with self medication administration: As provided a medication log is maintained by the boarding home resident manager to ensure proper administration of client medications. Chapter 24 of the Boarding Home Health and Safety Code provides the particulars regarding the daily issuance of medications and proper storage procedures.
VI. Preventing, recognizing and reporting incidents of injuries or any unusual occurrence: Reference can be made to the procedure for recognizing and reporting abuse. The applicable agencies are set in forth as described therein. The City of Dallas has provided an Incident Reporting Form which is included in each resident’s packet.
VII. Nutrition, meal preparation, balanced diet: The City of Dallas has provided certification and information on proper food handling procedures. Adherence to these procedures has been discussed and provisions have been made to ensure code compliance. Food is to be maintained in refrigerator at 41 degrees Fahrenheit and at 0 degrees for freezing. The role of proper nutrition has been stressed by the owner as essential to all residents which includes providing well-balanced meals including the nationally recognized Food Pyramid.
VIII. Sanitation: Proper sanitation procedures include knowledge of the proper use of sanitizing agents provided by the owner. These agents are properly stored for use of authorized personnel only and labeled clearly to prevent accidental poisoning incidences.
IX. Laundry services: The owner has provided a laundry area in each facility to ensure proper care and hygiene of each residence. Residents are encouraged to utilize this area on a consistent basis to ensure the health of other residents. Cleaning agents such as laundry detergent and chlorine bleach are provided as well. Attendants are trained to assist residents with their laundry needs including instructing them on the care of garments and use of laundry machines.
X. Housekeeping: Housekeeping is performed in compliance with the Family Care, Community Attendant and Primary Home Care Form