Essay on Supporting Teaching and Learning in Schools Cache Level 3

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Communication & professional relationships with children, young people & adults.

1. Explain why effective communication is important in developing positive relationships with:

* Children

Effective communication with children is important to make sure that they understand the language of learning so that they can grasp concepts and ideas, actively take part in problem solving and successfully develop their own ideas and opinions. It is important for children to be able to feel welcome in the classroom environment and valued within the school. Encouraging children to ask questions, give their own answers and contribute to class activities will help to develop a positive working relationship with the children. It is
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The way a person dresses may not be considered acceptable by one culture but perfectly fine by another. If a child is living in poverty they may not be dressed as nicely as a child whose parents are wealthy. This may be reacted upon in a negative manner by the other children and their parents and cause any positive relationship to break down. Behavioural standards and use of appropriate language are also very different between social backgrounds.
Similarly, a child from a different culture may have something other than the typical cheese sandwich and an apple in their lunchbox which other children perceive to be strange and again, this can cause a negative or unwanted reaction which may upset the child increasing the chance of a breakdown in positive communication. Cultural differences may be other factors such as respecting personal space and understanding hand gestures & body language.
When it comes to professional backgrounds, we need to try to adapt to other people’s usual methods of communication and try to understand them. The way we communicate with a young person may be perceived as patronising to someone who works in a fast-paced corporate environment who is used to communicating by text and email. Their communication skills may be limited due to