Supporting Teaching and Learning in Schools Unit 203 Essay

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Unit 203
Outcome one
It is a normal part of growing up for children to fall out have disagreements and arguments from time to time and to always get on with everybody.As a teaching assistant it is part of your duty to ensure the children feel safe and protected from harm,it’s a very delicate subject to tackle and to balance it correctly when things go wrong with the children as it can often be your instinct to get involved and sort things out for them but if you do you are stopping the children learning themselves there responsabilty and own desitions although there can be times when things are to difficult and overwhelming for the children to cope with on there owns and they will need the adult advice and support ,most there
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• Different values and ideas,different personalitys may have very different ways of coping with different situations for examples schools may want a child to do a certains something a certain way and the childs parents may have different views.
• Cultural differences,it may be that adults and pupils within schools have different cultures so they will communicate in different ways for example in some cultures eye contact is not acceptable which may mean some people do not pick up on non verbal actions.
• External factors,you may be working with a adult or child who at home have a lot of pressures or other issues which may be affecting there communication,as we get to know people we can recognise if they are behaving out of character and ask them if theres anything wrong or if theres anything you can do to help.
• Individuals with special needs,you will need to be sensitive and caring towards children and adults with communication difficulties as they may need to take there time and will not want to feel pressured when they are speaking or signing.People with certain needs may not have many opurtunities to speak or may get very nervous or anxious so you will need to adapt the way in which you speak with them to adapt to there individual needs.
• Lack of confidence,sometimes adults or children will act aggressively if they are not sure about