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Supporting a Position

My position on Capitol Punishment is that I am for it, depending on the crime. I believe that if someone who feels that they need to take other people’s lives into there hands and torture innocent people who just go on living there lives that they need to lose there life. I feel that the US should continue to use capitol punishment. The people that have the death sentence, you can not release into the general public to continue to take the lives of innocent people.

I do feel that the method needs to be fined tuned so that family members of the convicted do not suffer anymore from seeing the death of there family member. The families of these criminals are also victims and do not need to suffer through seeing there loved one suffer when they should be peacefully put to rest even how violent there crime.

The process of a person being put to death should be by a licensed medical professional that is knowledgeable in the field of medicine that is used to put these people to sleep. There are more measures that can be taken to insure a quick death. If they can not hire a person who is qualified then the person who wants to do the job should be properly trained in the field of medicine.

Taking the life of another person is never humane. But there are times that it needs to be done. It is the same rule as with an animal. An animal that becomes rabid is an animal that is dangerous to others and dangerous to themselves. A person when they become immoral and dangerous will always be dangerous to others and themselves. Unfortunately they cost money to keep them in